Ps3 Hdmi - Far Better Value Than Xbox 360

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I was debating which game console to get, the Wii, Xbox 360 or the PS3 HDMI. As a male with family of two kids, overall the PS3 HDMI was the best value for the money. Since PS3 and Xbox 360 are aiming for the same market, I was comparing the PS3 HDMI more to the 360:

-Most powerful system among 3 consoles.
-Blu Ray player included, also it can be upgraded via the internet. It is full functioning Blu Ray player, not watered down, the picture quality if awesome.
-Solid hardware, Xbox 360 hardware has many problems.
-Includes wireless Wi-Fi, but with Xbox 360 you have to buy it separately.
-Free online gaming, unlike Xbox's which you have to pay each month.
-Internet web browser, which Xbox doesn't have.
-Better menus for navigation than 360.
-Controllers have not only rumble, but also motion sensor like Wii.
-Hard drive is easily upgradable and inexpensive, unlike 360 which is expensive and very hard to upgrade if you want to put your own hard drive.
-Latest movies and TV shows can purchased online, 360's Netflix has more titles but are old titles.
-Playstation Eye(motion sensing camera) accessory allows for motion games like Wii.

-Need more latest titles of movies(but same or better than 360 or Apple TV)
-Not all movies can be rented in the first few weeks of release, but have to be purchased.
-Need more variety of games, actually true for all 3 systems.

Overall compared to Wii: Kids will want the Wii no matter what anyone says as long as their friends have it. The quality of Wii games are decreasing, game developers are not integrating the motion functionality well with the games. It feels like developers made the games and then added the motion feature as an afterthought. PS3's included controller has motion sensors like the Wii, also Playstation Eye camera has motion sensoring also. There are PS3 HDMI accessories for Guitar Hero and Rock Band which allows physical games on the PS3 HDMI like the Wii. So you can do play physical games like the Wii on the PS3 HDMI.

Overall compared to Xbox 360: Even though Xbox 360 is less expensive initially, if you add everything that PS3 HDMI has, the Xbox 360 is much more expensive. People forgot this. 360 has more games than PS3 HDMI because it was introduced a year earlier, but starting in 2008 PS3 HDMI is coming out with many high quality exclusive games now that introduction period is over(PS3 HDMI has Metal Gear Solid 4, Little Big Planet, Socom Confrontation, Resistance 2, Gran Turismo 4, etc). Unless you will play Halo or Gears of War, get the PS3 HDMI, it is a much better value.

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Ps3 Hdmi - Far Better Value Than Xbox 360

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This article was published on 2010/03/26